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If you looking for How to Start a Blog and make money blogging? Okay, this is a step by step guide for you.

Welcome, Beginners guide

I will be a focus on the most important facts before starting how to start a blog.

If you decide to start a blog, that is very easy

But it seems that the blog is successful, it’s not very easy.

I will teach you how to start a blog step by step that has a high chance of success.

Also, I will teach you more important part that, how to start a blog that has a high chance of success and make passive income.

After you finish reading this article, you will be able to create a cool, interesting blog that is not inferior to the best bloggers.

Before we start, one more important thing:

90% of new bloggers eventually fail after the first 1-3 months … only 10% start a successfully har new blog.

90% of beginners bloggers do not carelessly and 10% they make blogs carelessly.

Because most beginners bloggers choose a mixed topic, and content is not quality, the promotion is not clear.


Finding your blogging niche

A blogging niche is simply a way to describe the topics that you blog about, and a way to categorize your blog according to the relevant industry, to make things easier for both your readers and potential collaborators.

Here are some popular blogging niches and ideas for you to consider:

  • Fashion & beauty
  • Lifestyle & travel
  • Fitness, weight loss, health, mental health
  • Investing, budgeting & personal finance
  • Interior design & home decor
  • DIY & crafts
  • Parenting, babies and birth
  • Blogging or business

There’s been a lot of debate online about whether you need a blogging niche to have a profitable blog, or if you can just write about everything.

I personally believe that if you want your blog to have the potential to make your real money online, then you need:


A well-defined blogging niche.

A blog topic that solves a problem for someone (even if it’s something small like helping people save time, organize their house, lose weight, be more productive, learn a new skill, figure out what to wear or where to travel).

Ideally, this would be a problem that people would be willing to pay to solve.

In other words, your WHY needs to be clear through your WHAT.

If you want to help people lose weight, then blogging about fitness and beauty and travel is just going to be confusing.

But you can start a fitness blog, where you talk about your journey and include workout tips, recipes for healthy meals and even some activewear fashion posts.

So while your blog topic should be easy to describe to people when they ask you what you blog about, it doesn’t have to be on just one super-specific topic (unless you want it to), as long as it addresses the needs of a well-defined audience (more about this in the next lesson).


Here are a few things to consider when choosing your blog niche:

First and foremost (seriously, this part is really important) you must love the topic you choose.

If you are an accountant (so you have the expertise) but hate accounting, then don’t start an accounting blog!

You’re going to talk about the subject you choose for years and will have to write tens if not hundreds of blog post on the topic.

So whatever you pick must set your soul on fire, must get you excited, must make you curious and you must not dread writing and think about it. (Stop and think! What could you talk about for hours without getting bored?

Choose a blogging platform

You want to start blogging on a good topic. Then the question comes to your mind on which platform you will start blogging.

Choose a blogging platform

Choose a blogging platform

There are two platforms, Free and Paid, for starting blogging. Free platforms include and

Now the question will come to you which platform will I use. If you want to share general knowledge and learn to blog then I think the free platform is best for you.

But if you want to make some money from a business or blogging then you have to use Paid platform. Because there are so many more features and tools available on the platform than there are on the free platform.

Here it is said to buy a hosting platform and build a website on
When you buy a hosting and build a website on you can create the design you want.

Because some many plugins and themes will help make your website more beautiful.
This time you think about what kind of hosting you need to spend.

There are many types of hosting companies for blogging. Bluehost is the best hosting company where you can get good quality hosting for less money.

Bluehost provides good service at a very low cost. When you buy first time hosting from Bluehost Company, they will provide you with a free domain.
We will discuss below what kind of benefits the BlueHost Company will give you
Let’s see what benefits it will give us.

Why choose Bluehost hosting?

BlueHost is one of the leading hosting companies. This hosting company continues to post millions of websites.

It is the highest-rated hosting company And it is very easy to use. Even if you are new, you can do it very easily.
24 hours customer support is available from this very good company.

If you buy a hosting plan from here, you will be given a free domain.
And special discounts are given and also Free SSL certificate.

Reasons to get Bluehost;

  1. 2 million websites are hosted on Bluehost. It’s recommended by
  2. Automatic WordPress updates
  3. Free SSL certificate
  4. Automatic WordPress installation
  5. A free domain name for 1 year
  6. 24/7 customer support to solve any problem
  7. Perfect for new bloggers




I will guide you step by step on how to create your word press blog with Bluehost. Just follow this step and you’ll have a beautiful blog within minutes, this is very easy and quick.
1} At first click this link and sing up Bluehost. when you click this link it will redirect you the main page where you see a green button {Get Started}

2} You see 3 hosting plan

  • Basic
  • Pius
  • Prime

Select the best plan according to your blog and needs



3} Now register a new domain for free with Bluehost

Next step Either register a new domain name for free with Bluehost or select’I have a domain name’. If you’ve already bought a domain name you can still enjoy one free domain name (worth $12).


4} Naw hear you can put required data for purchasing the hosting and make sure you put everything correctly.



5} Enter your Payment Information


6} Congratulations! Now you have just completed the process and create a strong password for your account.




 Set up the WordPress website

The next in creating a new blog includes setting up WordPress. As a blogger, then you’ll have to invest most of your time on WordPress dash.

In the beginning, it may be quite new and intimidating for you. But you will soon get used to navigating the port.

The ideal thing about WordPress is that it is not complicated whatsoever. In only a couple days, you’ll become a busy pro on handling the dashboard. It is more enjoyable.

Below is the home screen of your blog dashboard. It may be customizable based on your own choice. The next step you should right now Be to change the usual settings.

Set up the WordPress website

Set up the WordPress website

Click on Settings at the left bar and click on permalink’. Ensure that you pick the post name’ option. It is very critical to make these configurations before you start writing your post and creating URLs.

At this time you can browse through the dashboard and find out several options for creating posts, pages, uploading media etc. You can’t come to be a webmaster in 1 day.

As you start to compose and publish blog articles on your blog you may understand more regarding the dashboard.

Choose a WordPress theme and design

As you probably already know, WordPress has generated some free plugins, themes and many features for the users.

WordPress theme

WordPress theme

Additionally, it has a few great free WordPress themes you can utilize on your blog. When you join Bluehost, you’ll also find lots of free WordPress topics which you could totally use.

However, a WordPress theme has its own advantages. In case you have a fantastic budget than purchasing a responsive theme is a terrific option.

Install WordPress plugins

Now, you are finished with installing a theme all on your own. Very good job!

It is time to install the critical plugins on your site. At this phase, I’d just recommend most useful and complimentary WordPress plugins you may install on your own blog site. You can always choose the paid versions anytime.

Install WordPress plugins

Install WordPress plugins

Installing a plugin is also really a straightforward process. Proceed to your dashboard and click plugin’ in the left bar. Click’Add new’. Put the name of this plugin in the search bar, found on the right side of the display. Search for the plugin and click Install Now’. Simple!

You can simply bookmark this post so you can come back to the post later and do the steps after creating your blog first.

Following is a list of plugins you can instal

  • Akismet:  This is an important plugin to secure your blog from spam comments.
  • WP Super Cache:  It is a fast caching plugin to improve the speed of your website.
  • Shortpixel:  Use this free plugin to compress your website images
  • Contact Form 7:   You can have this plugin on your contact page.
  • Yoast: Best and It’s highly recommended plugin because it handles all the stuff related to  Search Engine Optimization and the keywords.

Create core pages and main menu

To be able to create a professional website or blog, you also need to concentrate on establishing blog pages. Have a look at the critical pages below that you will be required to install on the blog.

Produce legal webpages (Disclosure( Privacy) — The first step is to make legal pages for your site. In case you have strategies to generate income online via your website then you need to follow Google policies.

If you’re an affiliate or utilize any ad program like Adsense then you have to mention it in your privacy policy. The most important reason is to make sure you comply with the law. I

strongly suggest these legal templates from a lawyer. Just get the templates that are installed, and fill the template with your name and details to upload in your own site pages.

You can also read this legal guide for bloggers.

Privacy Policy: Is an important legal page that you cannot miss in any way! Learn exactly how to create a privacy policy for your site.

Contact Page: You almost certainly want your visitors to associate with you. The easiest approach is to produce a fantastic contact page and add a contact form for it.

Individuals that are looking to contact the website can utilize this form to socialize with you personally. Here is my contact page with a form on it.

about page: It’s possible to just google thoughts to create an amazing page that informs about your self and what you’re doing. Even, a very simple page functions brilliantly. You can stick to my page to Understand a little more about me

Next, you can create a primary menu for your site. For this, go to look from the WordPress dashboard and then click on menus’. Here, you will find a choice to make a menu for your site.

Change basic blog settings

When your site is on WordPress, you have to make sure it’s ready to go live.

The very first step is to modify your permalink structure to help Google know your site easily. Proceed to a WordPress dashboard then click settings. Afterwards, on permalinks. Now, select the post title’ which is the most suitable choice for Google.

Make the blog people indexed by search engines.

Proceed to settings –> Reading

Only double-click to find the box at the search engine visibility section is not assessed.

Also, I recommend you to perform these 18 other things to do after installing WordPress on your website.

Write your first blog post

I’m sure that you need to be damn excited to compose the first-ever website article. I felt exactly the identical nervousness when I started out blogging.

It’s a terrific feeling to write content to your readers. Besides, it makes you feel proud that you’ve got a readership that praises you.

Well, as a newbie blogger you might get concerned about what to post in your blog?

Next steps;

Create a content strategy

Compose new blog articles Each Week

Start Making Money from Blogging

We’ll find out here how to make money from a blog. We can earn money from here in three ways

1. Pay Per Clicks Ads

Pay-per-clicks ads means when someone clicks on ads after visiting your site.
There are many ads service companies who have their ads show on your site. We have named a few ads service companies here, This top companies provide best ads revenue.

  • Google Adsense
  • MediaVine
  • InfoLinks

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make a lot of money and easily. Almost all bloggers do affiliate marketing and make a lot of money.

Here you will promote an affiliate link of a product on your website. When someone buys the product through your link then you earn some percentage of commission from that product.

Listed below are some of the greatest Affiliate companies that provide you best deals on popular internet services, you can select a product and start promoting them on your site.

  • Share A Sale
  • CJ Market
  • ClickBank

3. Sell your own Products/Services

It’s the very best method to make huge huge money on the internet. Because here you get a significant audience to market your goods.

You can also your services such as Content writing, SEO and WordPress Setup anything in which you’re good.

You just need to build a page on Your site and tell your visitors that you also provide some services.

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